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Payton Moormeier - 3AM

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Payton Moormeier - 3AM
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Текст песни Payton Moormeier - 3AM
Fighting all my life so I could be here by your side
Know that I'm all right but nothing ever seems all right
Every time we talk you love to tell me that it's fine
But I don't know why you're mad at me
I can't read your mind
You call me at three in the morning
To tell me that its all in my head
And I don't like anything about this
But you say it's over and I said
Cuz I'm trying to hide
What's been on my mind
I just need some time tonight
Cuz I'm trying to find some peace of mind
I've been running from myself
Thirty on the eighty-five I won't forget that drive
Cruising for the sunrise
We were riding out the highs
But everything came crashing down
Faster than the night
It's hard to even think when we're so caught up in the lies
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